Apr 17 2014

Design Team Specs Sustainable Bedding

Design, Planning and Renovation are essential to the living self. We absorb what we see about us. Constructing an environment which is attractive, comfortable and practical contributes to the ability to be serene, harmonious, innovative and efficient. We who have devoted our professions to the designed environment have a responsibility to generate these living and working spaces that further the creation of society.Bamboo Design team Specs sustainable Bedding

One of the areas we spend more time that any other is the bed room. Eight hours in just one place. The good night’s rest radiates through out entire day. We do better when we sleep well. Placing energy into developing a restful resting place is a very efficient usage of your time and money.

We recommend using environmentally positive bedding, such as that made of bamboo. It produces the sensual, comfortable environment which is needed for good rest. Bamboo bed sheets are soft and sexy, they are temperature favorable, if you’re hot they are cool, when you’re cold, they are warm. They desiccate quickly, they dry out when you sweat. There is a good variety of bedding at BambooForLife.com

They are fantastic for night sweats, hot flashes. They are attractive. Those who are susceptible to allergic responses are benefited by utilizing bamboo fabric. It’s hypoallergenic.

Bamboo is the eco-friendly choice. Bamboo is adjusted to where it grows. Chemicals, weed killers and chemical fertilizers are not beneficial. It’s natural. The manufacturing procedure is industrial, but the reagents are reclaimed and reused. So, overall, bamboo has a low ecological profile. It benefits the earth.

When can someone get all of these benefits for a couple of dollars, promote them to your clients. They will both benefit from the advice and value that you advised them.

Bamboo Bedding

Sustainable Bamboo Bedding