May 20 – 5 Sheets and 3 Beds

Whats up, i am health practitioner Ellen Valenciano. Im the medical director of this sanatorium. So, this is MunukiSeventh-day Adventist health facility. This is located in Juba, South Sudan. Munuki is the onlyAdventist medical tuition within the country of South Sudan. It resides inside the Seventh-dayAdventist compound at the intersection of four predominant roads in Juba. >From its privileged location, Adventists have a danger to interactwith a disadvantaged neighborhood. The men and women of South Sudanhave persevered much violence in its quick existence as a country. And this sanatorium serves as a havenfor the in poor health and bothered.The patients I see… They are every kind,from infants as much as adults. The diseases we’ve, one of the vital commondiseases right here is malaria, then we’ve diarrhea, respiratory tract infections, etc. I used to be barely three months hereand I had malaria for four instances– four instances malaria inside 4 months. Malaria is an excessive amount of herebecause of the warmth. Even effectively avoided diseasesbecome a project in a setting up discipline comparable to this. The Munuki clinicoperates at a common level. They have two patient rooms,a restrained scientific supply, and three staff members–one lab-technician, one medical assistant, and Dr. Ellen. On busy days, the staff comprises peoplein the outside room. In between sufferers, the sheetsare rapidly changed for a washing, as there are only 5 sheetsin this 3-bed facility. Dr. Ellen and her employees have chosento work here as medical missionaries. They need to make a difference and each sufferer receivesthe exceptional feasible care. Defense is a key difficulty. There have been many warsand conflicts on this nation, and unluckily, combating remains to be happening.Dr. Ellen asks you to hope. I would like to ask themto pray for peace. Peace is the hindrance here in Sudan– individuals are fighting every different,people are killing each other, just peace. Please pray for peace and for defense, and pray that the Lord of the harvest will send extra workersto a ripe mission field..

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