Aug 1 2020

Chili OOLER vs Eight Sleep Pod! (Best Cooling Bed)

this is the chili ooler sleep systemand this is the Eight sleep pod terribly awesome hydropower gadgets that activelyheat and cool your mattress which could forever change the acces you sleep what’sup people i’m ben from authentic and today i’ll be doing a deep dive similarity onboth of these sleep organizations considering all the pros and cons of each and which onemight be the excellent are suitable for you gigantic thanks to each company for moving methe units to review however no money compensation was received from eitherfor this video so I’ll remain as impartial as possible now I get reallyexcited for both sets of produces because they’ve reformed the route my wifeand I sleep at night never again wake up to red-hot or painful these aregame changers and I have a feeling this industry is about to blow up that eachwork kind of the same way each consider has a channel of water pipe and the hubcontrol unit moves heated or cold water throughout these grids which helpregulate your bunked temps do you have trouble sleeping at night because it’stoo hot or too cold maybe your significant other likes the bunked adifferent temperature than you wherever I ogle TV business and Instagram adsit seems everyone’s trying to compete in this cooling sleep technology but mostof it seems kind of gimmicky with cooling coverings or whatever but unlessit’s actively cooling you with circulating sea or air it could onlydo so much every human on this planet spends about one third of your entirelife sleeping so doesn’t it make sense to invest a little bit extra money wherewe spend so much time let’s start with the pricing as that’s always a very keydetail when comparing commodities and it sort of mounts the expectations offeatures in context to the price tag the seduce are the most affordable unit andit’s sold in different bed immensities with either single or dual zones the oilerincludes the pad and the restrain component to verify contingents are necessary if you wantdual zone control for you and your spouse the eight cod takes a slightlydifferent approach it including the pad a single authority group for dual zonecontrol and a mattress all included together the podis currently not sold without the mattress one major reason why is thecover literally zips directly to the mattress 360 around I’ll covering more onthis later but this is actually a pretty big feature an important detail it keepsit perfectly taut without bunching which is really really nice oh and as alwaysall the links for more info will be down below the euler system for my kingsizedbed with dual hold for my bride and i’m is currently at 1500 horses to the 8p od for a king bed and no matter the length it comes with dual zone controlit’s rate at 24 35 plus this mandatory oneyear subscription for 60 bucks totheir 8 plus advanced trends and analytics I’m not a devotee that this is apaid feature I ponder when you’re investing at this much money this stuffshould be free but nonetheless out the door that’s about $ 2,500 help my couponcode authentic at checkout receive a hundred and fifty dollars off brings itdown to around 2345 allinall that’s about 800 dollars more for the cod andthat’s a bazaar fragment of moolah nonetheless I actually think it’s worth spend thatextra money for certain people let me explain why each system gets a browniepoint for fastest and most easy setup the eight mattress came rolled up in avacuumsealed bag plus the smart-alecky pad in a separate box after unfurling themattress watching and expand the highdensity foam has this mediumfirmness which is very comfortable the husk is well designed one single division tocirculate water to both sides of the bunked the plow zips onto the mattress whichagain preserves it perfectly taut without bunchingunder the expanses and it’s a key detail for consolation and data tracking more onthat later the water lines click into the hub and then the app guides youthrough the residual it’s all beautifully designed very minimal and modern for theowner well we had to strip down the bunked because we’ve been sleeping on the a podfor almost three months now I actually already covered some of it in my smartbedroom video a few months back it’s given us a lot of time to thoroughlytest it out the oiler setup is easy mostly lay out the hydronic padthere’s these elastic straps on each reces to wrap around your mattress andthen the connection tubings can be placed at the head or the hoof of the mattresssame with the pod gradation to connect a tubing then plug in the power you fillthe unit with sea and capability on and then we’ll begin to circulate the waterinto the pad there’s an LCD display that shows your temperature controls also alittle light will turn on if or when the unit wants you to fill it up with morewater we did this two times one for each ensure part that’s placed on each sideof the bunked last step is to download their app and duo the unit with yourdevice this returns me to my very first wish Ord con to the Euler system thatwireless connection is via bluetooth not WiFi like the a cod squanders I feel WiFiis better for a number of reasons firstly it’s always connected to yourhome network thus the reliability of linkage is better whether you’re athome or apart you can always pull up the app control the pod modify yourschedules and more with the oilers Bluetooth anytime your telephone goes awayfrom the regulate group while it’s unplugged you can’t insure it whileaway and I met both my iPhone and Android phones had regular issues withreconnecting when I reinterred the chamber to pressure reconnection you hold down thepower button for a few seconds that Bluetooth icon will appear and then youcan troop connect for some people once you have your temperatures and scheduledialed in well this might not be a big deal since you won’t need to jump intothe app very often so adversely a con for the pods WiFi if for some reasonyour WiFi goes down well then there’s no physical buttons to control the podthat’s a pro to the cooler I actually like those physical buttons that theyadded on to the control unit it’s an easy way to increase or weaken thetemperatures of each side and it’s sort of like a back up system as for thedesign of each hold section I like how the eight is a single hub for a dualzone control and it’s slim profile allows me to slide it behind my bedsidetable as for the owner I don’t prefers to separate components for dual zones but theyaren’t as tall in design so depending your bunked altitude you could possibly slideit for the purposes of the berthed or under your bedside table as long as there’s clearventilation one con to the Oilers since we have the dual region mannequin the waterpipes connect right at the head placement of our pillows and I might bein minority communities with this but I thought it was worth mentioning I sometimesstretch my hands upward when I sleep and I often feel the spray joining pointright there under my pillow it kind of bulges upward a little bitthe pod has one connection point and it’s centered middle top and it connectsmore along the side of the cros so I’ve never actually felt it while sleepingone other small con the oiler while the app preserves asking me to fill up thecontrol unit with liquid even though the water levels only gone down one or twocentimeters from the top there’s still a ton of water left inside the tank maybeit’s a sleep bug I’m not sure while in matters of the apps I handsdown preferthe eight over the oiler it’s much more refined stable and simple now the olderisn’t unspeakable by any means but it stops gate-crashing on my wife’s android and theeight just gapes a tad better it’s a cleaner user interface and both my wifeand I much wish the temperature settings on the eight now it’s basedon a 1 0 to +10 magnitude with 0 being my excellent balanced figure and 0 is notturned off but it’s more like the yinyang of my figure temp for me mynightly smart temps frequently start around +2 because I like to slip into a prewarmed bunked then it dynamically starts to cool down to zero which is my mid SleepNumber and I find this a cool and balanced temperature while in deep sleepand then it’s slightly warming up to around a plus one in the morning timeeach of these changes are gradual and natural to my sleep rhythms and ittruly gives me some truly solid deep sleep through the light and it alwaysfeels really good that the sheets are just slightly cool to the touch in themiddle of the nighttime on the other side well we can add planneds but it’s alittle bit different instead they give specific temperaturecontrols from 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit I ascertained when I alter thetemperatures let’s say from 75 to 78 while I couldn’t really feel thedifference thea more drastic jumping to feel the convert also due to this might be a big Pro tothe ATAC on to the order system the water directs built into the topper aremuch more of a dense grid closer together on the 8th while the oilerfeels like it has a wider gap between each direct this realise sense that wewouldn’t feel those minor temperature varies just as much on the Euler versus theedge we can feel the difference from one click to the nextnow all this isn’t to say you can’t find your perfect temperatures on the Eulerit merely made me a little bit while longer to dial it in once I felt thosemagic numbers for myself I met I continued to get some actually deep andcomfortable sleep each night so it does the job very wellalso note surface temperatures are much different than air temperatures so Ifound I have to set the temps much hotter than you’d reckon likewise keydifference I make even if they are the array is the same SPECT on the cod from 55 to115 grades I trust to those used greater liquid direct concentrations while the maxhot and cold on the 8 time feels hotter and colder for example my wife willcrank the cool to around 105 Fahrenheit when slipping into bed as apre warmer which seems very hot but then the same equivalent on the husk herpreheat adjusting is around + 3 so it’ s not as high as you think now some of thiscould be mind plays but I’m telling you when I’ve create the pod to max sizzling andcold they feel more drastic than the maximum hot and cold on the Euler whilecovering the schedules the Euler allows you to set the exact times oftemperature reforms while you’re sleeping and again some people mightlike this precision of switch precedent at this exact time change to this exacttemperature and on and on with the pod it takes a more handsoff approach whichI’ve come to like better you gave your approximate bedtime the three keytemperatures that you like when slipping in a bunked middle-of-the-road of the darknes and then inthe morning and then it’ll auto magically and gradually tweak the tempsfrom there I’m not positive but looking at the Euler schedule graph it lookslike the temperatures do not gradually displacement through your sleep but insteadmore drastic rushes also sort of confirming this if you adjusted your schedulefor bedtime 9:00 p.m.Well then the machine will notprewarm the bunked for this bedtime instead it’s at 9:00 p.m. when themachine will Auto turn on and then start heating or cooling to your place temp samewith wakeup duration let’s say 7:00 a.m. I believe that’s when the machine willAuto turn off there’s also this warm awake facet that will Auto to act likean alarm clock to help aftermath you up I like that meaning but I sort of favor theeight husks implementation a bit better which allows us to set the wake up timetemperature sizzling or cold plus optional fizzle in startle clang regardles a great deal ofthese features “couldve been” tweaked and enhanced with future software updatesdown the road but for now I like the 8 app better none of this is comparing oneof the most difficult features on the pod and that’s in depth sleep tracking analyticswith lots of detailed metrics like toss and turns heart and respiratory ratesbed surface temperatures and more I actually find a great deal of these amusing andinteresting insights especially for longterm moving but to bill a feefor this subscription is pretty late and I wish it was free on the other side itdoesn’t seem to have any sleep tracking sensors or data shared in the app theonly thing I spotted is under my sleep tab each morning the app will ask you torate your sleep that previous light one through five stellars and that’s it it’squite the difference from the pods detailed metrics that’s one big questionI have for you guys do you think it’s interesting to have all those sleeptracking implements or is it an unneeded feature in your opinion leave me yourthoughts or questions down in the commentslet’s wit cover loudness the potty is more quiet on average over the oiler nonetheless the oiler allows you to set thefan speeding speechles settle or improve two records here the enhance procedure is a niceoption to have and it’s semi loudly which acts as a great white noise machine ifyou like that while sleeping if however you need it perfectly speechless well then Iguess you can try silent mode but you’d still might hear itsecondly I procured the temperature changes to emphatically be quicker on the oilerwhen a enhance mode was activated so it does work as for the husk well they don’tgive you this restrict but again they take more of that handsoff approachfinding the balance for you another Pro to the pod I really like how house andtaut the cover-up is as it zipped onto the mattressthis helps frustrate bunching and altering when placed under your expanse andultimately my partner and I wish this comfort tier over the allure now theolder window-dressing approximately may seem like a pillow topper it’s a bit more fluffy andsquishy and some people might like that but if you prefer a more firm mattressyou might not like it with exactly four elastic fastens to holddown the area there’s definitely gonna be a little bit of shifting and possiblebunching under the sheets if you can wrap it with a super tighten fitted sheetwell that might help you out at least for us we favor the cod submerge thatremains super taut one pro to the Euler inside the control unit comes a UV lampwhich is supposed to help clean the water this is a nice touch on this noteI regrettably can’t speak to longterm durability they each come with differentwarranties and return plans I would hope each unit could last-place many manyyears into the future and hopefully there’s no ocean impediment or leakingissues but of course exclusively term “re going to tell” how they each hold up another pro to the8 it has smart home integrations like if this than that Amazon Alexa Google homeand more let me wrap up the final details and which produce I feel wouldbe best for you which ever device you’re thinking about I can approximately promise youthat sleeping in a bed that actively heats and cools you throughout the nightis gonna give you better and deeper sleep than ever before I could see thesecooling bottoms becoming the new criterion various kinds of like recollection sud mattress has changedthe game a few years back one big-hearted item and I wasn’t able to go deep dive on ishow much coin we might be saving every single month and time in energy savingslowering your thermostat statute by no longer needing to heat or AC your entirehouse at night but instead exactly keep your bunked at that perfect temperature letme know if you’re interested in those energysaving counts down in thecomments perhaps I’ll berth about it in a future video or on my Instagram makesure you’re following me there I think if it’s time for you to update yourmattress well then it’s a no brainer and go with the 8 since you’re getting asuper comfortable mattress plus the premium pod technology if you’re onewho’s looking for the best of the best strong temperatures and high-pitched densitywater canals a more refined and beautiful alternative situated it and then forget itmagically Auto adapting to your sleep lilts and temperatures well thenhandsdown it’s worth spending the extra money for the 8 husk and hopefully thatinvestment will previous you long into the future if you’re someone who’s a bitmore budget conscious and perhaps you already have a very nice or a newmattress you demand no frills and you only want to sleek cool or you miss theprecision of detailed scheduling of temperatures at specific times and youdon’t think that pillow topper feeling and perhaps the transfer will affect youwell then the owner might be your best bet or if you really want the cheapestcooling alternative then maybe even reviewed and considered the chilly pad that’s their originalsleep structure that doesn’t have any app ascertain it’s oldschool remote controlsto dial in your sleep temps I don’t even think it has planning built in butthis might be a good enough solution for some consumers out there and their pricingis fairly economical after the dismiss that are currently going on all linksand promo codes will be down below let me know which one you think is thebetter investment or if you have any questions leave a comment down belowI’ll try my best to get back to you if you like my tech videos will considersubscribing for more if not no worries until next time let’s live authentic