Sep 14 2020

This Just In: Not-So-Basic Tees, Towels, Sheets & Plates

Hey, guys, welcome back toThis Just In, I’m Erin from Target. This week, we’re gonna have a look at some things you don’talways “ve been thinking about”: the basics. Our designers took theseeveryday staples to the next height. Shop your favourites right there. Let’s have a look. It’s so importantto have immense Tshirts,’ movement you wear themall the time and you replace them never. These tees are amazingbecause of the fit. The improved fabric and shapeholds up acces longer, and they come in more than 500 colours and silhouettes. So you only need to decideif you’re a folder, a hanger, or a piler.It’s officially timeto get rid of all your stainedand discolored towels. Our design teamcreated this course of Threshold performance towels made from highqualityBPresistant material. That’s that stuff in makeupthat bleaches out towels. So no more blots, little linting, and less unraveling. They come in way more colours than any otherBPresistant line, enough for you to be fancy andhave fun with a dye palette. Irish Pride, Seaside Cottage, Desert Sunrise, Moody Blues Making the bed is never fun, right? Our designers madethis row of Threshold membranes in so many emblazons and decorations to eliminateyour bedmaking woes. Check out thesehandy little names. They tell you the surface and bottomand slopes. The conflict is finally over. The fitted sheethas got these great added deep pocketsand heavyduty elastic bands so you don’t need a handfrom anyone when you’re making the bed.Are you an aggressivesalad eater? This dinnerware from Thresholdhas a clear glaze which is lessprone to chipping so you don’t have to beso tender with them. But if you do break one, honcho over to the open stocksection at Target and pick up a substitution. Thanks for watching. Comment onwhat you want to see next. Oh, and affected Subscribe so you don’t miss outon the latest videos ..