May 26 2020

(sub)Room Tour 1 / 나의 작은 침실을 소개합니다 | 수린 suzlnne

(my room) hi there every person! Today, i’m coming to show you my room 🙂 while you open the door there’s a row of hooks hanging my backpack I additionally put a small cabinet on the entrance on the left Most of my stationery is inside positioned a full-length mirror on the proper facet of the door Then this movie digital camera will invariably be like household to me there’s a bench next to the mirror so that I have to take something excessive I put a huge cabinet next to the reflect I moved from the dwelling room to the room, it was once too intricate lights the perfume will help me chill out I also put the youtube silver medal within the back that is my most precious radio whilst you flip it on, you have to wait 10 seconds before turning it on once you might be hooked on these radios, you’re going to no longer be competent to extricate yourself I put a tree here, however I did nt take excellent care of him (but it surely still looks just right) I purchased this bedside table from IKEA furnishings in the final video, I painted its original color to a darker color I bought this lamp and desired to make my room more antique I put some particles in this small bowl under the cabinet, I put my glasses there so as not to make the room feel boring, I additionally used white shutters As for the bed phase, I did nt use the bed body After casting off the mattress frame, I won’t think uncomfortable I bought beige sheets, I wish to fit the colour of the room My video is over right here See you in the next video 🙂