May 6 2020

DIY Bedroom Closet With Sheets of Plywood for $100 | DIY | Woodworking Project

In this video we’ll be making this top notch closet. It has shelves within the center brief putting on the proper aspect and we’re gonna have tall hanging on the left with a precise deal with of a removable shelf within the center so you could increase as your garb wardrobe expands as good. Let’s get started (Intro music) All correct we’re down right here in my wooden retailer I’ve already reduce my boards to the width that i like. I’ve a particular width that I prefer to work with in my closets. If you wish to be aware of these unique dimensions click the link above to down load the plans.It gives you all these detailsthat you need and in addition it supplies you entry to any questions you may also haveabout this construct so what I did is I took a 4×8 sheet of three/4in plywood and ran it on my table saw over there. And cut them to the width that i admire. Now what we’re gonna do is we’re simply gonna use my miter noticed and reduce thelengths that i would like and start assembling, let’s go do that.Ok so we’re gonnainstall the cabinets and the best way we’ll do that is we’re going to Kreg Jig it. That is a term that i like to use however certainly we’re gonna be using the Kregjig R3 to create pocket holes it is the pocket holes that clearly we’re gonna be making them that is gonna hold the shelves in place. Kreg jig makes a reallygreat device for that it’s no longer end up a time period let’s just Kreg jig it. Good that’s what i love to say anyway anyway let’s go ahead and create these pocket holes and get those shelves hooked up and assembling. All right so I’ve lived the whole thing out on my desk over right here we’re gonna be assembling theshelves soon but earlier than we do i’m gonna paint it. I am gonna use a paint rollerit’s super simple i’m gonna paint one facet let it dry and flip it over and paint the other part and then we will put it all together.All right good let’s get painting! Ok now that my boards are dry i’m going to be making the lines for where i’m gonna put the shelves in. I determined i want my shells to be every 12in so So, i will mark these out on theseboards right here after which i’m just gonna Kreg Jig them in and begin assembling the shelf for the toys or the clothes or anything I additionally ought to account thatthere’s gonna be a three/4 inch difference between this line and this line so i’m gonna measure a further line three/4in down and from that i am going to makeanother 12 inches that is simply don’t make the mistake of measuring from the highest line.In any other case you’ll be able to be off by way of 3/four of an inch all of the method down. Ok we’re about to Kreg jig the shelfin that is the primary shelf that is moving into I’ve enlisted my dad right here as myhelper and one trick that I’ve learned to keep this in location whilst you are Kreg jigging is to use a clamp. So let’s put the clamp in after which we’ll usingsome screws and tightening everything up I constantly like to put my torque on… So i don’t go all of the means by way of and it stops it so often 11:00 is where I adore it All proper it used to be that simple now I’mgonna take the clamp off and i am gonna do that for all of the cabinets on one aspect so that is four times on this part after which what i’m going to do is flip thisside over and then Kreg jig and the other facet and then you have got yourshelves.K so we finished constructing the mainportion of our closet the cabinets and also you saw that method and how we did itusing Kreg jigs and pocket holes and all those exceptional types of techniqueswhat I have got to do now’s simply sand the face of it and then i’m gonna use a handbrush to paint the little edges make it somewhat easy if you want an ideal sharpyou can continually use a product known as area banding it can be a like an ideal skinny stripof wooden that has like a glue on the again side of it and you use an iron and youjust take that and simply iron it on if you want to see how I did thatI used side banding in my pantry video so if you haven’t check out the pantryvideo to peer how you need to use facet banding i’ll put that link in thedescription under but for this challenge i’m simply gonna put it aside and just paint itit’ll appear particularly high-quality and then after that i’m gonna take this upstairs to myguest bed room and do the set up it can be gonna are available in three materials this isthe shelf the subsequent phase will be the top and the subsequent part might be a facet shelfthat I over have over here on your short hanging after which over on this sidewill be the long putting so rather of me taking at all times to show you howI’m sanding all you guys understand how one can stand and paint i am gonna cut that partout and we’re just gonna go straight upstairs to the set up! K my closet shelves are end now whatI must do is I ought to put the top piece on but before I do that i have toattach some brackets in both end of the shelf on this facet and on this sideso let me take the digicam in right here and show you what that’s gonna seem like sowhat that is gonna do is this is gonna sit proper like this i will put ascrew in here and i more commonly put a temporary screw right right here becausethere’s no stud there in an effort to get this to stick to the wall thoroughly I’musing liquid nails so liquid nails will bond to the wall and preserve this in placeand it will supply me plenty of strength and support to hold any weight that is on topof the shelf so that’s how i’m gonna preserve the highest shelf in situation on eitherside of the wall the place there is no aid frequently you just gotta makeyour own o.K. Well let me exhibit you the way to set up this looking for aplace to place this ok so we have now the liquid nails it can be all spread out on thispiece of wood now i am simply gonna line it up here and screw it in let me get myscrewdriver mat now k that is in most cases ityou simply ought to let that sit and medication when it does it is able to keep thesupport i’m gonna do the opposite part and then i’m going to show you the way the top getsclamped down and hooked up k I simply put the highest shelf in now i have tosecure it to these supports that I put on the outside and to the cabinets rightin the core let me exhibit you ways I do this so let me show you what I was once doing Iwas screwing the highest right here you will discover the screws correct into the highest of theshelving all right so i am down here i’m putting in the backside shelf that goesacross for the short placing i’ve a bit strip of timber that i am gonna puton correct right here okay that appears lovely goodlet’s go to the wall this is the bottom shelf this one’s the removable shelfthat’s just for flexibility later down the road and there you might have it it is donesuper simple and now what we ought to do is dangle the the rods from right here to thereand let me exhibit you ways to do this so when I build a closet i love utilizing theheavy-responsibility ultra amazing hanging sockets I guessit’s what you call them I picked these up at the store i like them becausethey’re metallic they are heavy-obligation they usually’re white and i have on no account had aproblem with these failing or inflicting me issues down the avenue so this is whatwe’re gonna be installing for or close the striking closet I’ve markedeverything and now I just have got to screw it in okay it can be that simpleI already did the other facet so now let me just put the rod in completed now I haveto do that two more times one for the bottom person who i’ve below here andthen one for the other part after which the closet will probably be complete alright theclosets done it came out best you’ve gotten short placing on this part we haveshelves in the center and we have tall putting on this side ifyou like this closet design click the down load the plans button proper here andyou can build it for your self that you would be able to make modifications to it if you need butit’ll give you all of the dimensions that you just need to make this closet and if youlike this video give me some thumbs up i would respect it it helps me thoughknow that you like this kind of content material and want to see extra also do not forgetto subscribe i would respect that o.K. Well I’llsee you on our subsequent construct i’ll goodbye