Aug 9 2020

7 thoughtful & relaxing things to do while staying home

[ Music] who would’ve thought you’d venture was transformed into a forever government and I’ve been thinking a great deal and I’ve been drinking myself down the drain you used to live within the clouds it’s awesome how and stay anchored for more than five years and I’m terrified for you now shallow the woman I formerly knew I hope I find you somewhere not today[ Music] that’s it that’s you I would have told you Matt leave or not wander not leave without your oxygen but what ifs cannot bring you back truth is I’m having a bit of fus breathing in myself a few thousand miles away is not that far within the grand scheme of the you but the length between seems like a lifetime instants been only days since I left you oh won’t you come back not if and[ Music] all light[ Music] marble staircase one in which she spiraled down alone how frightening to think that his house scape was once considered Oh your eyes ever obstructed secreted oh we’re inside was never present all feelings forbidden you wish you could rip your bowels onto the floor you stay like you wake up with your psyche facing opposite of which you slept here your tossing and turning your inside is burn with love with horror with envy wise men say in the world reaches shoulders heavy and I agree tell me what you feel tell them what you realise “ve been told”[ Music][ Applause][ Music] you[ Music][ Music] secondguessing every[ Music] to irritate jazz[ Music][ Laughter][ Music] cold hands it’s sore hoofs you’ve been saunter for vacated streets weak knees it fresh disfigures it’s a fight when you’re losing track of who you the words you stole won’t save your feeling they can only buy you day light-headed a candle or blaspheme the dark it’s all the same to me start a fire vanish drown the flicker and shake away the heat tell the truth precisely don’t close your eyes[ Music] but down so expend you’ve been holding up the world with your good intent is to assist like you should it’s additional burdens that you never real understood but Caroline I’m doing it’s the others who are dying my candle doom the dark it’s all the same very[ Music] penalty drown the smudge she[ Music] tell the truth precisely don’t close your eyes you’re crack your sham nothing’s up[ Music] can’t see you’re feeling always and strong[ Music] those CDs potatoes did you really speculate I was going to not call you guys potatoes in a video just wanted to give a big thank you to the great directions plus for patronizing today’s video I’ve been using these definitions on the men video understand service for a few months now with lectures and courses schooled by top profs from Ivy League’s and universities around the world I revalue these courses because it’s different from online learning programmes I’ve used in the past since the largest tracks plus is more like taking college and university level courses a due gives you access to a huge library of over 11,000 video chides about anything that interests you from discipline to math record to literature and even how to cook toy chess or become a better photographer though it did take me a few minutes to get used to the production style you guys will see there’s some really cool courses my favorite so far is still the how colouring affects you on the meaning of color and how emblazon feigns every aspect of our lives and our decisionmaking process if you’re interested in checking out some directions the grade courses plus is offering a free tribulation for those who are interested is that the point courses plus comm reduced rowena or click on the link in the description below to start your free experiment thank you guys again for tuning into this video I hope you guys liked it and determined it supportive and it was nice and super chill lazy Sunday vibes and I love you guys sending you the biggest voice hug and I’ll see you guys in the next video