Aug 17 2020

10 things I want to do more & less of in 2020 🏜| mindsets for the new year

Hello potatoes~ welcome back Happy New Year! Today I just wanted to share what I just wanted to do more and reductions in 2020 When we get to Sedona and gait to Devil’s Bridge This is the stone connection hanging over large-scale boulders and in the timber I understood after the jaunt During this trip, I didnt stop to practice Purely breathe, exist, and recognize the allure in front of you We drove from Los Angeles to Phoenix, and then from Phoenix to Sedona Then walking from where we parked to the hiking trail, and then to the stone connect Run from item A to extent B without enjoying the backdrop during the journey And “its one of” the things I just wanted to do more and reductions in the brand-new year Reduce traveling between the two targets Increase the process of slowing down and experiencing the excursion And the second largest thing is simple Reduce the minds of pursue purity and increase tolerance for accidental bouts Life is too short, it is agonizing to take it too seriously Laughing is great for the soul So let’s put aside the mentality of pursuing perfection and include the chapter in life Dont go too far after things that are hard to pursue The third phase is, dont be overly anxious about things that are not lifethreatening Add more stable, calm and peaceful stance Introduction from The Art of Taking it Easy Most of the pressure comes from feeling threats, rather than clear, actual threats. We are in a nature where we are worried about what might happen , not a macrocosm where we observe what is happening. Most of the pressures we face are generated by ourselves And this is why we still feel stressed when it is not possible to real menace In actuality, with us, there are only some challenges and our faiths, importances and expectancies When the whole system is operating, stress will increase our survival rate No matter what the external menace is, our experience of fighting pressure will help us face The primary question is that there is actually no external threat It depends on whether we can detect it. We can smoothly escape those pushes and constant misfortunes Getting closer and closer to a stable and nonviolent sit Now are some additional ways to help me reach the goal of less stress, more calm Slip your phone less and read more notebooks Stay up late, get up early Less phone vibration, more life Less worry, more live in the moment The fourth extent is that I want to reduce my hour defense and relax more time to help others Introduction from Outwitting the Devil Everyone’s firstly responsibility is to be yourself. Everyone has the obligation to find a fortunate life for themselves In addition, if you have spare capacity, you can try to help others. In the past two years, I have been republican about my period Focus on yourself and realise yourself better Now I want to try , not just for my own welfare, enjoyment, gathering But hope to help more beings And I think this is what selfcare means to me Do your best, and then you can try your best to help others 2020 is coming I believe this is a good time to step out and mutate The fifth object is to work less and live more Last-place year I made a big change, that is, I have known one another for more than ten years High school classmates went to Seoul For me who ethic living and life very much Slow down and breathe, enjoy the moment, its great It is important to live with purpose and meaning But we can’t be too bound by purpose and meaning And forget the present So here, I hope that I can live more in the present , no matter what I am doing, I can offer 100% courtesy in the present Sixth time: less forgives, more epoch Whether its a amassing of friends or cooking … Sit, short stroll, long tread Sleep, hurtle, suck tea, leisure, etc ., recreation … Live in the moment and so on Or leave a silence five minutes in the morning with yourself I just wanted to allocate more time to complete the above things so that I can Cause meaningful and positive material with more absorption Try to create a little fluctuation in the huge universe( rarity) Instead of saying I am too busy I don’t have time Instead, I will tell myself this is not a priority or this is a priority In the new year, I just wanted to see mental and physical health my priority At the same time, get to know more meaningful relationships and deepen and consolidate existing relationships When I study, stretch, and commit to my job Seventh level: Be less controlled by fear and more inspired by belief When we are controlled by fear We will present feelings of big reaction, misgiving, doubt, jealousy, eagerness, denunciation, derision There are so many adjectives that you are eligible to save writing down But when we are controlled by belief We will become active, conglomerate, manner, measured, understanding, tolerant, empathetic These words can be continued Quote from Outwitting the Devil Faith is to get rid of all negative thoughts Everyone has its full potential to be disposed of negative conceives in the ability Finally, I was capable of tell my ideas give me strength In the same book Outwitting the Devil The villain in the book told the author Napoleon Hill: A drifter stands himself to be influenced and controlled by others Controlled by the external environment outside of your own mind. He would rather let me occupy his heart and control his psyche, Instead of internal reasoning. A drifter will accept all the encounters in “peoples lives”, and will not stand up at all to resist. He didn’t know the purpose of his life, he spent all his time, but only got such a situation. The itinerant has countless sentiments, but none of them comes from himself. Most of them are provided and implemented by me. Drifters are so lazy that they dont want to use their fronts to think. This is why I was able to control their thoughts and impose fear in their hearts. So be a person who supposes freely and no longer drifts We have to learn to be inspired by beliefs instead of being controlled by fear Eighth object: Rely less on the ease zone and expand more uncharted arenas Although in the past few years I have tried to push myself out of my solace zone But when you do one thing for a while He will surely become something you know Will gradually become your ease zone This is the situation I encountered Because in the past few daylights, I is rather anxious Thinking about how my channel should develop And what I want to be in a few years No interest if you are speaking for yourself Or achieve large-hearted purposes Or turn bigger dreams into actuality All this is still very uncomfortable and frightening Because this is a place you have never been, something you have never thought about But at the same time, all this makes people feel sanctified and beautiful Its a beautiful and wonderful neighbourhood I agree with Mr.Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. A cognitive state that has known new know-hows will not return to the old-time infinite of the past I think this is very important to us Further expand, expand, flourish, and surpass Is what we must get used to as we grow up Stay bizarre, save teach, hungry for insight, meekly Attach another preface Most of the real failings come from the boundaries that a person has set in his heart. If they have the daring to take a step, they will find a difference. Point 9: Talk less, listen more Before my friend finishes were talking to me or prison sentences I shall not be required to be arbitrarily reap my inferences or slip my opinions This is something I’m terribly unholy I want to improve, expect better questions to understand each other Maintain space for communication and establish deeper and more meaningful exchange Lastly, I want to remind myself, and you who are watching the video less is more Although I often forget this very simple but potent point from time to time But whenever I think back to this concept I feel very grateful and humble right now In this life, we want to have a lot of things But we dont genuinely need much Although some things will bring temporary glamour But they wont bring us inner peace The gumption of treaty that we persistently seek consciously or unconsciously In our lives, we will meet numerous people, go to many arranges, and things that can tap our quality When gather them, make the opportunity and cherish it Above~ I hope you all have a good start to the new time I also wish everyone is ready Have a good mental condition Towards the brand-new year Also welcome to share with me, what conversions wishes to spawn in the new year We can discuss together in the message locality Share and ask one another Ok~ That’s it! See you in the video next week Bye bye~ Oh, forever hug hehehe bye-bye~