Apr 12 2020


This boy has slept on the ground for the last on the whole two and a 1/2 years he’s finally whats up legends its mama and papa Variously the crappy nuts on he they may be all upstairs asleep I just wish to start the vlog now for the reason that today we’re gonna be giving the kids a manufacturer new bed room Guys are coming today at 7:30 a.M.. And they’re gonna build their flat % furniture you normally surprise Why Papa isn’t gonna build the furnishings i’m wondering the equal factor. Why are not you constructing the furnishings? Why do I must pay persons to do this very good to my work? He’s not ready he is now not equipped most i am the most convenient individual on the earth He doesn’t understand how what’s so enjoyable about? That is the youngsters have slept on mattresses on the floor for literally? Tuna bees you’ll have noticeable how they slept in the different condominium that we had roll the clip essentially a room filled with mattresses this one the pink one saves next one Nazis the opposite one is Biggie’s and the last and the crimson cooler in the other half They slept within the tiniest bed room we’ve got one two three 4 tenting mattresses on the floor and the camping mattresses are simplest like this Why is super themed and i suppose i am just rather excited that they sooner or later gonna have something that is tremendous thinking about their bedroom makeover so it can be all gonna occur today proper now everybody’s upstairs earlier asleep, however you reckon I should wake him up with these well Come pop, let’s do it Come on tea hold these why ailing Baburam papa do an unboxing at present is a distinct day sake look piggy pigs it didn’t work must go again okay this is humorous now zis Vomited order if any of you americans usually bloodless baths you americans has so many funny names for things Sake gets what’s taking place today? It’s the room makeover So here is the field? See the way it’s very flat.It’s flat p.C. The two guys are gonna come and construct the beds for us Why is commonly not doing the bed in view that often in view that Poppins and i have been stuff he is now not very the laptop he is particularly fairly unhealthy deal intelligent i am handy so I used to be telling the legends that you’ve got slipped on a mattress in the floor for over teenagers now and finally you are gonna have a bit of i’m relatively really excited for it in view that i’m gonna make it seem relatively quality and teenage alive now not just a little that is what the bad thing you higher if i’m slumbering on the ground he’s after we go on vacations, and the kids absolutely sleep on beds they all fall out the beds, so frequently tonight ever and ever perpetually mattress everybody desires to get up get dressed get out of your underpants considering when you guys come again lately sucked me this bedroom will be thoroughly transforms Nausea is constantly the toughest to get a bed each morning.I get nothing out like this So fitting a little mama mentioned this is the first-class both 12 months we’d like emergency Hollenius this last night for those who get this ticket mother okay, let’s it’s the kids of gold Justin and here. I’m house alone ready for the makeover. I am gonna easy the room What’s happening today wait i have been caught sound asleep on mattresses, and we’re gonna move on to a correct bed but we already understand what a title we now have slept on a mattress more than two years now wow that’s a enormous achievement well everyone sleeps on a mattress i will let me have slightly bit Andres. Yeah, we have not acquired adore it would We’re gonna make a bedroom makeover and a bedroom to us as you allow us to go see as well. Expectantly Monday’s good job I mentioned ease have a sturgeons how to spot that ever go away but Eddie’s you more often than not call them teddy bears or things that you hug at night, and yeah I think most persons comprehend attendees okay like am i able to Gently I doubt if you are electing and u.S.To trap me necklace to them we we all know you a pop legend Oh Gary what’s your game? What’s your game? How we all know you’re a correct legend, okay, so now we’re gonna do a skateboard on tight after the skating’s Hope we will do ok legends the 2 guys who assembled the beds have left and that i truely left the apartment to go into the shops did a few things but some quilts brought some pillows i’ll exhibit you all them in a sec, but that is the primary time.I will see the beds I was via furniture, and then it can be like doesn’t work. So confidently this works confidently this works, which one will I look at first legends, which one? I am too scared far and wide my eyes. I might most effective be disillusioned where am I? Ok, okay, that sabers room able. I will seem at it first Oh Guys Do you find it irresistible the appear I was going for we want the ply to match The plot show legends I’ve obtained 45 minutes. I’ve bought to get all the bedrooms geared up. I’ve received to get the quilts hooked up I’ve got to make 4 beds. I’ve got to get the rugs backing up gonna put the teddy bears up i am gonna be busy forty five minutes. Take your time script. I can do it Who stated no? Come on. It’s mama legend here we go let’s do that i am gonna run down, and i am gonna get all the quilts and stuff I bought from the cutter keep there Tada Sakis bed room carried out. What do you feel of it legends? I’m a little concerned that that green and that green doesn’t suit Anyway, I particularly quite really.Hope sucky likes it. She loves paint as it’s received painters in it so Fingers crossed so I might hold sake off the list next man or woman said we’re gonna do is retailer us, so if the sabers bedroom. I attempted to be a little bit extra sophisticated like she requested for when we went for Swan’s this one refined. I don’t know i am no longer 13. I do not know good that that goes well. I am concerned about sabers bedroom, so montage Sabres room legends. What do you feel do you believe he is gonna like that? I suppose it’s form of satisfactory, so we now have received one bedspread swamp pillows first-rate grey rug. What do you think? What do you believe you hate you find it irresistible? Teenag is not it i’m getting so worn out. K, so this is Betty’s room colossal E’s acquired the bugs do not forget Goodness they’re house, and i have completed Sabres bed Sake spit, but i’ve not completed as as Ben and i have not performed Bea’s bed i am gonna go downstairs and inform them you cannot come up yet.It is not able. They have to wait I fully grasp you are in the bedrooms are usually not competent but are a child in 51 minutes k, so this is your pajamas cuz look at their been sweaty. They may be gross in the event you seem at them proper now they may be being surfing and skating all day, so here’s your pajamas. Thanks, Justin put your prime again on Legends Justin I simply had just a little little bit of a combat when you consider that he mentioned he could be house at 5 o’clock and it is now a Flight 540, and he is any only simply obtained home so it is like average Justin. Okay, Justin. Can you please support me? Oh? Ok, she’s very stressful lady Crappy no I do like Be fine a excellent last time like you’re so in love with me yeah And these time you’re just yelling at me absolutely i do not mean that cuz the cameras are on Fred YouTube So we’re gonna be sowing love supply family.We on no account yell at the children, and we just every person will get alongside so well it is very respectable fortunate They did not he conversation the telephone loss screaming you at 30 20 minutes late like with ease no longer recorded that for the wall yes, sure in view that that would destroy the whole lot and you guys would with ease combat, so we don’t fight in no way important okay, so that is Biggie’s room, but you’ve gotten received the bugs take into account pop art What do you consider do you think I feel he is gonna say you like that k? That’s my that is why i assume he is a cool. I used to be mistaken last time about the little one gender though I concept it was without doubt going to be a woman within the baby gender video Which is now over 1,000,000 views of some potent? So thanks legends? Well that you can edit that out before you are boring, it is fun with the alleged you’re boring like we are the fine Doing what ace household does i’m doing the love ice family? Blah blah blah you talk to me motive.It is feeling Crappy nuts I believe the kids are higher. I feel we battle means an excessive amount of. I am going to transform the mattress even the montage day after today what do you consider it might be simpler? Just right adequate we’ve received one last bedroom to do now this navvies so easy She just loves animals the animal that she rather loves although one has truly attacked her within the street but that’s a protracted story. I inform these one more day is Cats so I’ve got the cat quilt and a little pussy cat cushion and this time Justin’s gonna make it since i am worn out he is under no circumstances made a bed before these life legends look at that kind that is just carried out legends listen up. We’re gonna. Have a contest comment i would like your remark who made the first-class mattress me or mama No competition, Justin just in view that she gained bronze within the Olympics doesn’t mean the whole thing’s a competition mr.Capelli Who could make the best bed, that is like the primary section made in his existence And he already thinks he is the nice at it. He’s Mazie’s one it is gonna be cats So cool. I never knew this it can be bought some one part after which Love her simple things and me simple minds the choices he is with ease amused okay get the rug Yeah, it is k. We’ll just take the taggi nobody cares in regards to the tag besides for you. I’m get the rug. Are you critical? It’s a company new website online, she’s gonna want the true rod, but certainly Brakes are potent. What do I tell you legend easy things a new sink reminds competent guy good cling on you press play once more geez I did not do it again. I didn’t do that deep you love it Justin yeah, I imply there is gonna like it. Oh, what are you guys doing? – peppy knots I wanted to talk interview quickly earlier than they arrive up after which once they come up okay you do the any of you i am gonna sleep Is it on do not What biggie, what do you think your bedspreads gonna be first of all don’t take all the Biggie pay attention up each person has been why you comment? It runs me mistaken.You can inform they need to trade the name of the channel they wish to change it no longer from say Banaras and or us nuts, however you already know what they need to change it you Papa mama family weblog little one here we go correct here he goes ok you guys preserve running preserve going for walks. I will lift you there is your battery all right, but he k humorous humorous stuff Now are you able to see no pull up there? Grady This boy has slipped on the graph to the last mostly two and a half of years he’s subsequently getting a significant-boy bed whatever you in a position Do you adore it Do you love it, yeah good it is powerful oh You deserve a biggy being this type of excellent boy considering your mattress acquired published first you get to decide upon the man or woman who comes up next k, ok? That is so interesting i am so excited to show you to your room.Are you excited -. I’m so excited competent three two one strong Now you get to opt for who comes up next hi there? Sophie are you in a position? Yeah three 2 1 here what do you believe oh? Now not Venice dwelling in a mattress Mattie’s bed apart appear it is like this Wow excellent adequate okay? Yeah, it can be I obtained good day it can be my i’m so excited to look the way it feels prefer to sleep in a bed yeah, it’s excellent appear so cool go away me guys Oby sister Malti All correct capable the moment has come on three two one i’ve huh that looks so mature I was once particularly concerned that you just were gonna do me like relatively maybe smooth socks i will sleep in there tonight.I’m Emma’s dad I’ve seen the beds are rather skinny to peer that you may we without a doubt failed to fall? Oh? Dude, wager which one sake no longer Biggio savers gonna glide up it in view that i will warranty certainly one of them’s gonna fall out might be that is the fine moment of my lifestyles to get a real tremendous i am lazy This used to be our first time i’d like in reality I believe having a appropriate bed. Well. That is really my first ever time napping in a mattress all by myself I’ve under no circumstances slept in a single mattress before I’ve at all times had to sleep in a bunk bed. Oh Let’s provide mom a hug yeah this type of good job of organizing all this in redecorating Let’s ring a Ledge the place will have to we deliver the leg in out on our beds? Sure whose bed my mattress We did your mattress final night. I’ve certainly not done like that. Thank you so guys I just see the quilt and i know I put nothing on the partitions however I thought you could peek what you want on the partitions ok, that is a just right thought something you guys want so that is simply the bottom of it And you are able to do an additional room reveal and put your finishing You could need to be picha all i am gonna exhibit you but it’s all of your methods We must do what you say fit referred to as superb So correct now.We’re ringing up lovely voice you employ my hour day Would you adore to alter our channel to mama and the replica Novel edges thanks a lot for answering yeah You guys wish to share how do you must do is hashtag like yeah that quantity has comprehensive at you additionally hit a hundred and fifty thousand So thanks you guys about that to were really quite comfortable about hundred fifty thousand lunches in the girl if it can be 200.